this page will be where i add freebies either from older newsletters and or just as a random act of kindness where we can all feel warm and fuzzy inside. my desire is to create kits, know...all those yummy scrapping items, for those that deserve!

i remember when i first started paper scrapping that it was a very expensive hobby (still is) and for the most part you can only use one product once unless you buy more of the same and send your bank account into a

when i started digital scrapbooking (before designing), i realised that i could use the same product (the ones i just use over and over) again and again and for the most part no one would even notice because it was always used differently.

i know what it's like to have limited $$$ and wishing i could afford that one gorgeous kit or element or alpha. and that's where i hope my free goodies go to use...not just to those that have a rather huge stash of paper or digi or both...but those just starting out uncertain of the digi world and trying it for the first time or for those that have limited funds.

so this page will be dedicated to freebies for you and in return i ask of 2 it forward...yes send others here so they too can snag freebies and perhaps every now and again you'll leave a comment and a link to how you used any of my goodies (free or not)

the freebies below are ones from my very first (and so far only) newsletter. i've had people ask if they could buy them in store as they missed out on the first newsletter so i am more than happy to share them here with you.

To download freebie just click on the image and it will link you directly to the download link in dropbox

till next time enjoy and thanks so much for all your support :)