hi guys and gals, my name is christine and i love blogging, designing digital goodies, scrapbooking in paper, digital and hybrid mediums, love mixed media art and love social media.

some think i'm a bit of a geek but honestly, i just like learning and growing and developing and all that kinda nerdy stuff.

oh and i absolutely adore stationary products....you know office supplies and such. if i had my way and ample amount of $$$ plus a huge home to store it in...i'd have one of everything or maybe two!

i kid you not...lol

and then there's the photography side of things...not the point, click and shoot kind of photography but the one that says...i'm going to tell your story through photography and take on the SOUL of imagery.

an eye for detail is one of the most important components of soul imagery. you can have the most expensive camera and equipment but unless you have passion, your photo's will simply be no more then that...photo's!

and on the blogging side of things, i've been blogging ever since blogging became a thing, i've just shut down my other blogs for personal reasons and started this one.

so sit back, take a breath and enjoy the ride.

keep smiling,

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