Monday, February 05, 2018

Scrap Girls Club Designer of the Month...

Yep it's true, geekgirl designs is Scrap Girls Designer for the monthly club of February 2018. I have been busy creating such an exciting and vibrant collection that I can now let the cat out of the bag, so they say, and let you all in on it.

Believe in Yourself is one enormous collection with added extra's and bonus's just for signing up as a member.

Some of the items you receive once you join, will never be sold in store and that means only members receive them.

So here's a little taste of what you get!

The images above are just of the collection biggie

The images below are the extra's you get when you purchase a membership

But wait there's more, you get bonus items included in your club membership and never to be sold in store just for signing up and that's a pretty awesome deal!

If you would love to get your hands on this gorgeous Club Collection then head on over to Scrap Girls and take a look for yourself.

Monthly cost is $9.99 (US) and well worth every penny, you definitely won't be disappointed!

Friday, October 27, 2017

have you seen what's new over at Scrap Girls?

this new collection, Mineral Springs, is huge and now on sale with 35% off. What's included is 16 papers, 70 elements, 6 word art phrases and an alpha. all for just $6.49 and if you only want the papers or embellishments then they are on sale for $3.11 each.

and don't forget these cute goodies my creative border trims and also on sale for $2.33. so head on over there and check them out and i promise they won't disappoint and you'll find even further goodies there as well.

Monday, October 02, 2017

hello lovely people...

hey hey guys and gals,

sorry i've been somewhat MIA but life has been rather busy of late. i just wanted to let you all know i'm still alive, well, healthy and happy.

thank you all for your patience these days as i feel i don't blog enough and nor do i send out a newsletter often enough.

i started back at gym and this is my 6th week in. gym is generally from 10/10.30am and 2.5 to 3 hours each session, 5 days a week.

then home before heading back to help look after my beautiful grand baby as needed which of late has been most days as mumma started back at work and daddy needs help from time to time.

then it's home and time for other things like housework and shopping...the normal boring things that need to be done regardless.

after all that and dinner i get to sit down and design.

so what's new in the world of geekgirl designs....loads and loads to be honest but i'll just post my latest.

It's A Musky Kinda Grey is now available and such a beautiful and easy collection to work with.

check out these gorgeous CT crew member pages created with It's A Musky Kinda Grey

by Catherine - Dentelle Scrap

 and Whispering Spring is such a gorgeous collection as well

 my page created with Whispering Spring :)

oh and this week there is a new male orientated collection coming out and I absolutely love it.

No Limits will be in store at the end of this week over at Scrap Girls but for now I'll leave you with this awesome layout created by Katherine Hansen one of my Creative Team crew Members.

and before i forget i have some awesome news to share so keep the date free and make sure you check us out here at The Digital Scrapbook Shop :)

until next time, ciao and stay well ♥

Saturday, September 02, 2017

where for art thou spring...

it's officially spring here in australia...the 2nd day in fact and it has been so disappointing because it is cold, wet and miserable and this winter has hung on for far too long.


i have been designing a bunch of new goodies and the latest geekgirl designs are now live and on sale (30%) off over at Scrap Girls. new designs always make me feel warm and fuzzy inside as i have such a strong and supportive customer base.

what's new over in my store?

all this and all you need to do is click on each image to take you directly to the goodies.
please note that the Tattered Blooms Alpha does not sell separately and the image is just here so you get to see it a little better then on the main collections marketing file.

btw...i have a little competition going for the next couple of days. if you want in, it's super simple

geekgirl designs has a fan and follower group on facebook and i would like you all to join. Freebies, comps, give aways, up to date info...all that stuff that comes with being a fan/follower.

here's how it works. stop by my fans/followers fb group and join. then invite one friend to join. once you have both joined, pop your tags in the comment section under the competition post so i know who you are and can easily access names to go in to the draw.

on monday i will draw 2 winners and you get to win my gorgeous Tattered Bloom Collection below.

links to my group:

Fans and Followers of geekgirl designs group

Friday, August 25, 2017

lots of new goodies this week and a fan page...

hey hey hey lovely people, i hope everyone is happy. i have some new goodies now available over in my store at scrap girls.

i'm working on more and more Commercial Use products so that other designers are able to create personal collections and kits with geekgirl designs. i have quite a small collection happening now.

what's new?

all the below and that's just for this week...

you can find all of them here at Scrap Girls and they are all on sale for the next 24 hrs which means you can head on over and fill up your digi stash some more.

 and there's a whole lot more next week which includes a gorgeous collection called Tattered Blooms (PU) and Rustic Doors and Windows, Leaves and Flowers (CU).

i also have a fan and followers page over on facebook, i noticed a lot of folk either commenting or checking on and thought a fan page would allow folks who enjoy my designs to enjoy them even more.

so here it is...facebook fan page

pop on over and join, you'll also receive freebies from time to time too

well that's all folks, enjoy your weekend and stay safe :)