Saturday, February 04, 2017

story telling...

i've always been a story teller, right from being that quiet and shy kid with freckles, to being that introverted teenager and then growing up and having to adult.

there is absolutely nothing wrong with being a tad geeky either!

story telling first came to me in books...many many books over the years. if the back of the book with it's description of what's inside each page doesn't turn you on...then throw the book away cause it won't be a book that tells you a story. well that's my motto and i stand by it.

i have always loved to read. i'm the kinda gal that once my head is in a good book, then that's it...nothing else gets done until the book has been read and my mind and heart has absorbed all the great bits and all the great story telling drama' epic as they may be or as mind blowing and numbing as the book weaves it's tale and wraps it around and tugs at your heart strings.

growing up as i did, not in a privileged way and a trouble kid...reading became my sanity, my hope, my internal peace and my great escape! it is where i hid myself deep in every page of every great book with every great story spoken, fact or fiction, i didn't care. i was hopelessly lost in reality but wonderfully lost with every word of every page of every book.

with every book i could be one character or i could be all and i loved the fact that i could bury myself within every word soaking up every single character.

so story telling for me either through my scrapbooking both digital or paper, hybrid or mixed media arts, blogging and photography is incredibly important to me. and i have missed every part of all those good and wholesome things tremendously. so 2017 is my year of getting back into all those things i love creatively. and i can't wait to show my creative flare off to all those that know me, have come to know me and cross paths one way or another.

please follow me on my journey and i promise you won't be disappointed!

dare to believe
courtney designs - validation - atc freebie
joyful heart designs - i lurve grunge - paper 4
flergs - on this day - paper 2
k hartley - goes with everything - elements 2 and 9
md groot - prego - stitch
palvinka - wonderful world - cross stitch
red ivy design - a reason to smile - striped paper
font - elephant and monotype corsiva

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