Thursday, March 16, 2017

shops, stores, online bricks and mortar...

firstly let me tell you how exhausted i, yep it's true but for good reason.
secondly let me tell you i've been busy setting up shop with various shop owners on the digital scrapping scene and so far i am a third way through with one!

apart from being flat out and busy, i have been flat out and busy in many other areas and am a tad mentally and emotionally exhausted...

BUT...yeah there is always a but, butt, but but!!!

i have uploaded a third of my goodies to berry applicious  so that's pretty awesome
and then i'll be over at wilma4ever and my memories and my memories has 3 sister stores that i'll be selling my goodies there as well.

although it takes time initially to set up, the benefits and rewards are amazing and i can't wait to get back into the digital scrapbooking community in as many ways as i can support.

oh and don't forget i still have my sellfy store  here, so things are happening and by the end of the next week every store will be set up :)

in the meantime shop here and here and enjoy using my kits and creating awesome goodies.

well that's it for tonight and until next time...

keep smiling :)

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