Tuesday, March 14, 2017

ever creating...

so i've been flat out with life and trying to create between the soft moments and the harsher ones. geekgirl designs have been accepted into an online digital scrapbooking store which is exciting (shall mention where in next post) and have applied to a couple more as someone has referred me to the sites. so exciting times are happening.

in amongst all that my beautiful grand bubba is growing up so quickly and i will start to edit her newborn images this week and then i can't wait to show her off to you all. aria is 5 weeks old and just starting to get out of that new born look ♥

in the meantime i've also been designing and creating and it feels good to be me, to be back to what i love doing and even better...to be a better person because of it....weird huh??! nope, but if you knew my story over the last few years you would then understand where i'm coming from.

change is inevitable, whether we like it or not, we must learn to work through it and be a better person because of it!

anyway...my latest designs are ready to burst forth onto this blog post so here they are...but i'll add the links to my store tomorrow as it's pretty late here tonight and i'm up in a 6 hours for another full day

keep smiling :)

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