Thursday, March 23, 2017

store links are up...

i've finally had a chance to add the stores where i am now selling at on here. if you click on the blinkies on the side bar you'll notice four stores there BUT the wilma4ever store's link is unavailable at this stage because the store is under some major construction.

it's quite an exciting time for me at the moment. not only have i got my stores up and running but i received a phone call the other day and landed a job here locally which i am ever thankful for.

bendigo is statistically known as the worst place in australia when it comes to jobs...they are just not there. so when you get one...keep it!!!

what's been happening in my every day to day news you ask?

well i have finalised all my stores and uploaded all my kits to all of them. that was heavy going as each store has their own guidelines with naming, packaging, zipping and uploading, thank goodness the bulk of it all is now done.

i've started on a new kit called textured and it's looking fabulous.

my grandbubba aria is 6 weeks today and is doing really well. i have yet to edit her photo shoot so i'm hoping to get a start on that in the next day or 2.

really over the long hot summer we've had and the stickiness of humidity.

i had another procedure done last friday and with that another biopsy. tomorrow i find out the prognosis because my symptoms are now out of control.

and to finish today's blog post off, here's a teaser alert of my newest kit textured...

keep smiling...

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