Wednesday, April 19, 2017

newsletter freebie...

hey all, i'll be sending out my first newsletter at the end of the week with a freebie. so please sign up if you would like to receive it. and honestly why not...freebies are always good right?!

and what else have i been up to in my corner of the world you ask?

designing, going for interviews and keeping flat out busy. life is kinda like that and on most days i tend to wear several hats.

oh and i finished another paper pack with some glitter, sparkles and bling and that is now in store.

and here is what i am working on. papers are done, elements are getting there and so thus becomest a kit!

Gainsboro Blue is coming soon to a store near you.

and then just some cute cover play with the above image.

so that's it folks....newsletter...go on...pop over and sign up or just click on here

ciao for now :)

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