Friday, July 14, 2017

I'm a Scrap Girl Designer...

Woohoo, it's now official and I am so happy to announce that geekgirl designs is now designing for Scrap Girls. I am so grateful and thankful to Angie (owner of Scrap Girls) for asking me to apply and then accepting my creative designs.

It is one thing to be a designer, it is another to be a designer to one of the top 10 digital sites there are. Scrap Girls was one of the first digital scrapbooking stores to open in 2004 when Rozanne Paxman first opened it's doors. I had been a huge fan way back then even in my digital scrapbooking infancy.

Everything even back then was professional and friendly. Scrap Girls has grown in leaps and bounds and although Rozanne is no longer at the helm, SG is a happy friendly and very professional digital scrapbooking website.

Angie Briggs is now the proud new owner with an outstanding team that I can now say I am not only part of but very proud to be one of the design girls.

geekgirl designs is also growing in all things digital and busy creating some of the most gorgeous kits you'll set your eyes on.

When I started out in digital scrapbooking around 2005, I discovered an art form that I fell in love with straight away. I was already a huge fan on the scrapbooking side of things and worked in the community helping others create, but digital designing allowed me to bring my love of creating and computers together in perfect harmony.

Back in those days I was a designer for Pickleberry Pop under my own name Chris Turnbull...

My how things have changed and evolved for me. geekgirl designs happened by pure computer and I are one and I love to keep my hands and mind busy with design.

I'm here and kinda the gal in the middle of all those faces...the best of the best and an incredibly talented team.

Head on over as there's a sale on all my goodies and although there is only a handful at the moment, over the next few weeks my store will fill up with new designs exclusive to Scrap Girls.

I'm excited...

And here I am...

geekgirl designs

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