Tuesday, July 25, 2017

just a tad busy...

what can i say, life is busy and although i seem to do alot, there just aint that many hours in a typical day to do it all. i've caught up for the time being...well that is until tomorrow...lol

since becoming a Scrap Girl Designer, i have created exclusive kits that for the most part you won't find in any of my other stores and if you find something a tad similar it will have been added to for Scrap Girls.

and i have loved every minute of it!

except the fact that i've been quite sick for just over a week now where i could barely function. but like all good things time has helped and although i am not 100% better, i am clearer in my thoughts and able to function.

oh btw...i have a new freebie coming out with this weeks newsletter. yes!!!!!
finally i managed to create a gorgeous little freebie that i know you will all love and i may create something else to go with it for you all.

you don't really want to miss out on this gorgeous gift from me so if you've come by my blog and read down this far and perhaps you like to create online or digi scrap etc...sign up for my newsletter and you'll get this when i send it out with the next newsletter at the end of the week.

it really is as simple as that.

well guys it's late here, in fact it's the next day kinda late here so i'm shutting down and heading to bed.

until next time...look for all the positive in your life despite where you are mentally. you may have to work at it but it's there...yep...all that good and happy stuff, all that positive and loving goodness...it's there, i promise you!

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